We take animals on Mondays 8:00 a.m. to 5:oop.m

                                 Hog,  Goat  and Sheep Market Report


Hogs 129 Last Week  134
Sheep 32 Last Week 72
Goats 95 Last Week  165
Barrows & Guilts
#1 230-270 57-60 Per lb
#2 220-280 40-50 Per lb
100-175 65-80 Per hd
25-95  30-80 Per hd
Feeder 400lb or less 25-60 Per lb
Light wt 400-500lb 9-25 Per lb
Med. Wt 500-700lb 9-20 Per lb
Heavy Wt 600lbs  n/t Per lb
300lb up 6-11 Per lb
200-300 lbs 6-11 Per lb
Light Wt 20-35 Per lb
Feeder Lambs 40-60lb 175-220 Per lb
Light Lambs 60-90lbs 150-175 Per lb
Fat Lambs 90-120lbs n/t Per lb
Lambs n/t Per hd
Ewes 100-120 Per hd
Bucks 75-160 Per hd
Stocker 75-110 Per lb
Thin n/t Per lb
Fat n/t Per lb
Thin n/t Per lb
Fat n/t Per lb
Kids 20-35 lbs 40-85 Per hd
Kids 35-55 lbs 65-135 Per hd
Kids 55-75lbs 110-175 Per hd
Yearlings 75-120lbs 150-310 Per hd
Stocker 150-220 Per hd
Milk Type n/t Per hd
Slaughter 150-195 Per hd
Thin 60-100 per hd
Billies 120lbs-up
Breeders 250-335 Per hd
Slaughters  150-305 Per hd
Boer Goats
1/2 Nanny n/t Per hd
1/2 Billy n/t Per hd
3/4 Nanny n/t Per hd
3/4 Billy n/t Per hd
Full Nanny n/t Per hd
Full Billy n/t Per hd