Dear Customers, We are doing all we can do to keep everyone healthy and to lessen the spread of Covid-19. ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. We are asking you to PLEASE stay home if you do not intend to buy. We want ZERO SPECTATORS at our facility during this time. We absolutely HAVE to keep our buyers and our employees healthy, and we do not want them to question our intent to do so. If we get sick we will be a mandatory shut down and quarantine. Then what do we do? We are more than happy to bring your check to you outside on Friday. We will be operating a drive-through, to pick up your checks, on Saturday. Thank you for all your support. We will get through this.

We love you guys, Bone & Katie



Normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We are here until¬†5:00 pm Monday’s nights prior to the hog, goat, and sheep sale.

We are here every Thursday until 9:00 pm prior to cattle sale.


Thank you!  We appreciate your business!

Red Bone


“Come Join Us!”