The market this week was 3-6 lower due to the massive losses in futures due to the Holcomb packing plant catching on fire. The market is most likely going to be unstable and hard to figure out what it will be doing in upcoming weeks. This plant being out will be a issue for fat cattle prices but it could be compensated by other plants. The biggest problem we’ll be facing I feel will be the paper trading that can influence the futures market in big waves. The calves that were worked and weaned still had demand. The fleshy unworked calves and the plainer end was the ones taking the bigger hits in price. The stock cows 50 cheaper with most of them being short breds. The packer cows was steady.

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 750 hd
#2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs. 175-200
300-400 lbs. 165-195
400-500 lbs. 150-175
500-600 lbs. 140-150
600-700 lbs. 137-145
700-800 lbs. 130-140
Feeder Heifers
#2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs. 160-185
300-400 lbs. 140-155
400-500 lbs. 130-145
500-600 lbs. 120-138
600-700 lbs. 120-135
700-800 lbs. 120-130
 #2’s and #3’s on Feeder steers and heifers will be 15-25 off of the #1’s
Slaughter Bulls, Yield Grade # 1 & # 2, 1200-2050 lbs:75-95
Slaughter Cows, #1’s: 55-70
Cutter: 40-50
Stocker Cows PG’d Tested 3 – 9 yrs:
Large Frame 950-1100 Medium Frame  600-850
Cow/Calf Pair with Calves under 250 lbs:
Large Frame 1100-1400 Medium Frame  800-900
Baby Holstein Calves: N/A Cross Bred Calves:100-200