Cattle Market Report

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Head Count:1586
The market was steady on the front end calves. Some sets of unworked calves were 3-5 cheaper. The light calves still had good demand. The long weaned calves still have the most demand.  The front end worked calves still have plenty of activity. The feeder cattle were steady with the thin fleshed yearlings still having the most activity. The stock cows were steady with good demand on young cows. The packer cows were steady on the high yielding, fleshy cows.  We are starting to see too many cows that are just too thin resulting in them being 3-5 cheaper.
Feeder Steers:
200-300 lbs.:210-235
300-400 lbs.:190-230
400-500 lbs.:170-215
500-600 lbs.:170-194
600-700 lbs.:160-185
700-800 lbs.:160-175
Feeder Heifers:
200-300 lbs.:170-210
300-400 lbs.:160-185
400-500 lbs.:160-180
500-600 lbs.:150-175
600-700 lbs.:150-165
700-800 lbs.:140-160
Slaughter Bulls ( weighing 1200-2050 lbs.) :80-113
Slaughter Cows (#1’s) :70-92
Cutter Cows:40-60
Stocker Cows (PG tested, 3-9 yrs old) Large Frame:$900-$1400
Stocker Cows (PG tested, 3-9 yrs old) Medium Frame:$600-$850
Cow/Calf Pairs with calves under 250 lbs. Large Frame:$1000-$1400
Cow/Calf Pairs with calves under 250 lbs Med. Frame:$700-$1000
Crossbred Calves:$100-$200