Dear Customers, We are doing all we can do to keep everyone healthy and to lessen the spread of Covid-19. ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. We are asking you to PLEASE stay home if you do not intend to buy. We want ZERO SPECTATORS at our facility during this time. We absolutely HAVE to keep our buyers and our employees healthy, and we do not want them to question our intent to do so. If we get sick we will be a mandatory shut down and quarantine. Then what do we do? We are more than happy to bring your check to you outside on Friday. We will be operating a drive-through, to pick up your checks, on Saturday. Thank you for all your support. We will get through this.

We love you guys, Bone & Katie

The market is week couldn’t hold together after the massive losses in the futures markets. Friday just proved we are dealing with a broken futures market that, in my opinion, shouldn’t even be considered any longer as being used for the actual cash value of beef. It was up nearly 6 dollars at 10am and was almost down 6 dollars by noon. The fat cattle trade was around 112 this week which still isn’t good compared to what it is priced at the store. However, it is better than the futures that closed at 88. The calf and feeder market was 5-10 lower on all classes with the demand being moderate, with buyers not knowing where this thing is going. Stock cow demand was steady. The packer cow market took a major hit this week. Some cows were 15 cheaper than last week mainly due to plants fast food buyers having to cut their orders in half,as they are just able to sell by drive thru. The big hit on the market is the massive numbers of people signing up on unemployment. Hopefully we will hit the bottom and get the corona virus under control where everyone can get back to work. Pray for our leaders. Pray that they will get the country going again soon.


759 hd
#2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs. 180-200
300-400 lbs. 160-195
400-500 lbs. 150-170
500-600 lbs. 140-154
600-700 lbs. 130-145
700-800 lbs. 110-120
Feeder Heifers
#2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs. 165-180
300-400 lbs. 140-160
400-500 lbs. 135-155
500-600 lbs. 120-135
600-700 lbs. 110-120
700-800 lbs. 105-112
 #2’s and #3’s on Feeder steers and heifers will be 15-25 off of the #1’s
Slaughter Bulls, Yield Grade # 1 & # 2, 1200-2050 lbs:65-88
Slaughter Cows, #1’s: 45-60
Cutter: 30-45
Stocker Cows PG’d Tested 3 – 9 yrs:
Large Frame 900-1200 Medium Frame  650-850
Cow/Calf Pair with Calves under 250 lbs:
Large Frame 1100-1400 Medium Frame  800-1000
Baby Holstein Calves: N/A Cross Bred Calves:100-200