The calf market was fairly steady on all classes this week. The futures held strong this week which helped holding some much needed positivity with the panic setting in on most grass and wheat grazers that are dealing with the massive amounts of army worms that are taking care of any wheat that got in early and especially any extra grass that was left to start some calves on while waiting on the wheat. The feeder cattle was steady on all classes as well despite most all of the corporate yards being at full capacity.   The stock cow market is still getting better on the young cows with limited numbers showing up. Packer cows steady to 2 lower. We’re  taking consignment for our special cow sale November 14th.

*We can work your cows and calves for you to help you maximize your profits when you sell your calves. I can’t stress the need for the calves to be worked and vaccinated. We sure don’t mind doing it for you. The $9 per head to work your calves is the cheapest money you can spend. Let us do the work for you and get you the most out of your calves. As always, we appreciate your business and its our pleasure to work for you!

We appreciate your business! Thank you, Red Bone


head count: 1077 last week:1852
Feeder Steers
#2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs. 190-250
300-400 lbs. 180-210
400-500 lbs. 165-185
500-600 lbs. 155-170
600-700 lbs. 148-168
700-800 lbs. 147-159
Feeder Heifers
#2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs. 155-175
300-400 lbs. 150-168
400-500 lbs. 145-163
500-600 lbs. 135-152
600-700 lbs. 130-147
700-800 lbs. 125-138
 #2’s and #3’s on Feeder steers and heifers will be 15-25 off of the #1’s
Slaughter Bulls, Yield Grade # 1 & # 2, 1200-2050 lbs:70-94
Slaughter Cows, # 1 50-66
Cutter: 30-47
Stocker Cows PG’d Tested 3 – 9 yrs:
Large Frame 900-1250 Medium Frame  650-850
Cow/Calf Pair with Calves under 250 lbs:
Large Frame 1000-1550 Medium Frame  800-1000
Baby Holstein Calves: Cross Bred Calves:100-250