Cattle Market Report

The market this week was steady on calves and yearlings. The front end steers would be 3-4 higher. The demand was good for thin fleshed calves and yearlings.
The weaned calves still dominating the market over the fleshy bawling calves. The market hopefully will hold its ground as the big packers continue to back us up on our fat cattle. This week ended up with them bidding a dollar on fats. The box beef prices have been coming down the last few weeks basically since the government has looked into them. Now box beef is down and we’ll have a difficult road ahead of us trying to get any decent money for our fat cattle I’m afraid The packer cows are steady and stock cows was little cheaper which I think the rain will help that.

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Thank you,
Red Bone

1400 head
 Feeder Steers
#2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs. 180-225
300-400 lbs. 165-200
400-500 lbs. 145-165
500-600 lbs. 135-155
600-700 lbs. 130-145
700-800 lbs. 118-134
Feeder Heifers
#2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs. 165-200
300-400 lbs. 150-165
400-500 lbs. 130-150
500-600 lbs. 115-128
600-700 lbs. 115-128
700-800 lbs. 110-124
 #2’s and #3’s on Feeder steers and heifers will be 15-25 off of the #1’s
Slaughter Bulls, Yield Grade # 1 & # 2, 1200-2050 lbs:80-105
Slaughter Cows, #1’s: 55-80
Cutter: 35-50
Stocker Cows PG’d Tested 3 – 9 yrs:
Large Frame 900-1300 Medium Frame  700-850
Cow/Calf Pair with Calves under 250 lbs:
Large Frame 1100-1500 Medium Frame  850-1050
Baby Holstein Calves: N/A Cross Bred Calves:150-300