Cattle Market Report

Unusually wet weather has the cattle numbers short again this week. The calf market was steady on most classes. The front end calves are holding their ground due to short numbers. The plain cattle are starting to struggle to find much interest now that the packers have once again outsmarted over government once again. They’re starting to take advantage of the push that everyone got behind trying to make them purchase 1/2 for the fat cattle on cash bid rather than killing them on a grid or formula. Which basically means they set a basis price and then they grade them and pay you on how they see fit. This was about the way all they plainer quality, spotted, cattle with horns, little older ect cattle was sold. It wasn’t best paying on some of the very plain cattle but as someone that has plain cattle on feed at all times due to protecting the market at the auction for my customers it would work in the end with you being 2-6 dollars back of the better cattle most of the times. Now they’re not letting us kill the plain cattle on grid they’re going to buy them cash price which they’re definitely taking full advantage of us on. This being 20 dollars back on some plain fed steers which will put a nail in the coffin on these plainer cattle before it’s over. It’s hard to take 100-105 on some consisted steers just because they had horns or more ear or was spotted when a good killing bull can bring over a dollar standing in the ring and he’s 400-600 miles away from the cow plant he’s going to be slaughtered at. Feeder cattle were steady on the yearlings
The packer cows were 3-5 higher.
Date: 6-4-21
661 head  
 Feeder Steers
  #2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs.   180-218
300-400 lbs.   180-205
400-500 lbs.   150-170
500-600 lbs.   140-160
600-700 lbs.   135-145
700-800 lbs.   128-140
Feeder Heifers
  #2 & #3 #1
200-300 lbs.   160-180
300-400 lbs.   145-170
400-500 lbs.   135-155
500-600 lbs.   130-144
600-700 lbs.   120-138
700-800 lbs.   120-132
 #2’s and #3’s on Feeder steers and heifers will be 15-25 off of the #1’s
Slaughter Bulls, Yield Grade # 1 & # 2, 1200-2050 lbs: 70-100
Slaughter Cows, #1’s:  60-86
Cutter: 35-52
Stocker Cows PG’d Tested 3 – 9 yrs:
Large Frame 900-1100 Medium Frame 600-800
Cow/Calf Pair with Calves under 250 lbs:
Large Frame 1100-1525 Medium Frame 700-1000
Baby Holstein Calves: n/a Cross Bred Calves: 75-220